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Participation of Anela Fruits in Marató de TV3

Participation of Anela Fruits in Marató de TV3
Good morning and good year,

This December, Anela Fruits took part in la Marató de TV3 dedicated to research to combat diabetes and obesity, with the delivery of our fruit desserts to the volunteers who received calls in the different places of la Marató during 13th of December. These calls served to raise money which are destinated mainly to the research of these two important diseases. 

First of all, we want to thank your confidence in our fruit desserts which are 100% natural “a spoonful of fruit”. As you know, we prepare all the process, from the cultivation of the tree until it reaches in your hand. In winter, it is time to prepare and prune our fruit trees for the harvest which will come in the next season…

In addition, during this month we have decided to give 10% of our sales from the online store to la Fundació de la Marató. Once we have made the count, we can say with enthusiasm and solidarity that this week we will transfer to la Fundació de la Marató the amount of 152,41 €. We hope that with your contribution, we can do our bit to research of these two current diseases in our society.  

Thank you very much for your trust!