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Do you want to collaborate with la Marató de TV3? Wiht Anela Fruits, you can do it.

Do you want to collaborate with la Marató de TV3? Wiht Anela Fruits, you can do it.

Today, it is the 1st of December. It is a cold month full of family and cultural traditions: Christmas lights, New Year's Eve, family meetings, Santa Claus, the lottery, and also the celebration of la Marató de TV3. 

La Marató de TV3 is an annual telethon broadcast by Televisió de Catalunya and the Foundation La Marató de TV3 to raise funds for scientific research into diseases which are currently incurable.  This year, on 13th of December, will be dedicated to research to combat diabetes and obesity. 



Since Anela Fruits, we want to collaborate with solidarity and social initiatives that affect people very close to our society. As we have desserts which are 100% fruit and 100% naturals and suitable for diabetics (contains only fruit sugar), we decided to call the Foundation of la Marató to collaborate with the donation of our fruit desserts to all volunteers involved answering phone calls that they receive in different locations (Girona, Barcelona, ​​Lleida and Tarragona) during December 13. These calls serve to raise different anonymous financial donations for the cause against diabetes and obesity. This day, volunteers will have Anela Fruits for desserts. 

This year, Anela Fruits also wants to collaborate with la Marató through its online store. From all purchases made during the month of December in our website (www.anelafruits.com), 10% of the total amount will be kept exclusively to la Marató de TV3. We encourage you to participate in this initiative because with the purchase of Anela Fruits, you also will be collaborating with la Marató de TV3.


As you know, we are a family company which elaborate fruit desserts 100%  fruit and 100% natural recommended for the whole family. We strive constantly to contribute to the greater well-being of society and get involved in joint initiatives such as la Marató de TV3. We hope that we do our bit and we can walk together towards a better future. 

Thank you very much!