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Anela Fruits presents several novelties at Fruit Attraction 2016

Anela Fruits presents several novelties at Fruit Attraction 2016

We are producers of apples and pears in Girona. With our own fruit from our orchards, we produce a fruit dessert 100% natural and 100% fruit, recommended for the whole family. We will be at stand nº3D01C showing our new references Anela Fruits "a spoonful of fruit" ... As producers and processors who we are, we control all the process of traceability of our, enabling us to offer the highest quality to our consumers.

We are a company with over 40 years of history dedicated to the production of apples and pears in Girona. Throughout our entire history, we have grown to offer the highest quality consumer when eating fruit. We control the entire process of the fruit trees, from the planting of the orchards to the production of a good apple and pear harvest.

Anela Fruits is a project that seeks to encourage fruit consumption among all families. With the fruit from our own plantations, we produce fruit desserts 100% fruit and 100% natural; without added sugar, no colorants or preservatives; and with an approximate shelf life of 12 months. It is an alternative to eating fruit in an easy, comfortable and healthy way; ideal for eating at any time and at anywhere.
We cooperate with companies of various sectors: supermarkets, distributor, catering, foodservice channel, shops, export ... And this year at Fruit Attraction 2016 event, we have decided to present several new features of our fruit desserts.

For us, it is a pleasure to be able to present these novelties; and be able to better explain the benefits of consuming a 100% fruit product, with full control of product traceability (due to we elaborate them with our own fruit) and 100% natural (no colorants, preservatives or acids, or added sugars ). Anela Fruits "a spoonful of fruit", the flavor of 100% natural fruit!