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ANELA FRUITS Products and DAO Deficit

ANELA FRUITS Products and DAO Deficit
DAO deficiency is the functional deficiency of the main digestive enzyme responsible for eliminating a molecule, called histamine, found in food.
When a person does not have enough DAO activity, a difference is generated between ingested histamine and the ability to metabolize it. This fact causes the accumulation of histamine in plasma and the appearance of adverse effects.
  • Nervous system: migraine, headaches, headaches and / or dizziness.
  • Digestive system: bloating, intestinal irregularities, nausea and / or vomiting.
  • Dermal system: urticaria, redness, itching and / or atopic skin.
  • Respiratory system: non-allergic rhinitis, sneezing and / or asthma.
  • Others
The appearance of these symptoms is not linked to the consumption of a specific food, but to a wide range such as cold cuts, cured cheeses, nuts and some fruits such as pineapple, orange, banana or strawberries. Therefore, people with DAO deficiency have to follow a specific low-histamine diet to avoid symptoms.
Six of the eight Anela Fruits products are suitable for all those who follow a low histamine diet. For example, apple, pear, and mango are highly recommended.
At AD DIETISTAS they are specialized in DAO deficiency and, apart from other products, they recommend our desserts ANELA FRUITS to be able to make a healthy low-histamine diet with 100% natural products.
What is your favorite pot?