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Why is it important to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables?

Why is it important to eat seasonal fruit and vegetables?

Today, due to globalization, we see it as completely normal to go to the supermarket and buy any product throughout the year, but always choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables means supporting sustainable agriculture and fighting for a better world.


Our first reason to support this sustainable consumption is our health. Nature is wise, and it provides us with the vitamins and nutrients we need when we need them. In addition, if we consume seasonal products, we make sure that they are at the optimal time to be consumed. We will notice that they have a better flavor, aroma and color. 


Our second reason is to take care of our planet. When you buy seasonal products, you make sure you respect their natural production cycle. In addition, it reduces energy consumption and minimizes CO2 emissions (by avoiding the transport of said products). 

And last but not least, by consuming seasonal fruit and vegetables we support local businesses, since these products are usually grown near us.

We remind you that at Anela Fruits we have our own apple and pear plantations, the base of our desserts. Once the fruits are ready for consumption, we proceed to their elaboration; We peel, grind and pasteurize them with an instant process for their conservation. In this way, we support the sustainable model and, in turn, you can enjoy Anela Fruits at any time of the year.