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Thanks to Anela Fruits you can consume natural fruit all year round

Thanks to Anela Fruits you can consume natural fruit all year round
Dear friends of Anela, today we want to explain some of our product's benefits! It is important to know that each fruit has a seasonal nature, knowing at which time each one should be consumed is convenient so that we can ensure maximum proximity.
But ... what about Anela Fruits?
Thanks to the timelessness of our products, everybody can consume Anela Fruits all year long! We produce our product with our own fruit of our fields (apples and pears). All year round we have fresh fruit, which allows us to produce every week and keep 100% natural fruit preserved. This different way of consuming the product, maintaining its properties, has led us to stand out for our innovation.

During the harvest months (from August to October approximately), we collect apples and pears from our trees and store them in cold stores waiting for our technicians to tell us which is the best time to be able to pass the fresh fruit in the productive part of Anela Fruits.
Our apples are in the Alt region and the Baix Empordà, located between sea and mountains, next to the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. On the other hand, we have perils in the inner regions of the Selva and El Gironès, which are more humid fields and with an adequate climate for pear cultivation.
We are the only ones in the market that we can offer absolute control of the traceability of the product, that is, make the nursery ourselves, plant the trees, water, harvest our own fruit and elaborate the product in the best conditions.
For this reason, we always say that we are not an industry, but we are a family business with a background of more than 40 years of experience in fresh fruit, we take care of our fields, we defend the environment and want to guarantee a product of Quality and proximity to our consumers. As well, since we want to ensure maximum rigor in food quality, we have the GLOBAL GAP, IFS and other certificates.

This way we can guarantee that Anela Fruits is a dessert of 100% natural fruit, without added sugars, neither preservatives nor additives. A 100% high quality fruit product, recommended for the whole family, which you can consume throughout the year!
Thank you for reading us!