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Recipe with Anela Fruits: Creamy sweet potato with duck liver, apple and reduction of ratafia

Recipe with Anela Fruits: Creamy sweet potato with duck liver, apple and reduction of ratafia
Today we share with you a delicious recipe made with Anela Fruits which you will be delighted with!
Our products are not reserved only for breakfast, snacks and desserts! Did you know that you could make all kinds of recipes with our compotes? Today we show you a recipe made by Girona Excel·lent, made exclusively with products under the same label.
Do you want to learn how to make this creamy sweet potato with duck liver, apple and rat reduction? Take note!
- Sweet potatoes
- Whole duck liver
- Anela Fruits Apple Compote
- Ratafia
- Salt

1. We scalloped sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, we cut the liver into pieces. Once the sweet potato has been scalded, we remove the skin.
2. Heat a pan over medium heat and add a piece of liver and salt to taste. Once it is golden and crispy, we remove it on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess oil. 3. We repeat with the whole liver.
4. To make the sauce, we reduce the ratafia over low heat.
 5. For the presentation, in a deep dish we put a little of the sweet potato pulp first, and add a bit of reduction of ratafía.
6. Add to the sides small scoops of Anela Fruits.
7. Once these ingredients are served, we place a piece of liver on the sweet potato.
And we can already enjoy this exquisite dish! Who's willing to do it? You can watch the video of this recipe here.