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The harvest begins in our fields

The harvest begins in our fields
At Anela Fruits we are producers of pears and apples, and this is the fruit that we use as the base of our desserts.

The apple trees are located in the Alt Empordà, where the proximity of the sea and the mountains generate the optimal conditions for their production. In the case of pear plantations, as they need a more humid environment, they are found in the regions of La Selva and El Gironés, where the climate offers excellent humidity.

But what exactly are our varieties and their harvest times?

Apples; Royal Gala and Golden Rosetti
In the case of apples, we have two varieties; the Royal Gala and the Golden Rosetti.

The Royal Gala is a red apple characterized by its sweet flavor and crunchy texture, the harvest begins at the beginning of August until the end of the same month.

The Golden Rosetti is a rusty yellow apple. It is characterized by its sweet flavor and texture. In this case, we leave it on the tree until the fruit is fully ripe (so that it is as sweet as possible) and we harvest it during the month of September.


Our varieties of pears
In the case of pears, we have many more varieties. We have the Rocha, Williams, Comice, General Leclerc, Abate Fetel, Conference and Casse-Crassane. All of them are characterized by their sweet taste and their great nutritional properties. The harvest begins at the beginning of September and ends at the end of October.

At Anela Fruits we respect the environment and nature, which is why we carry out controlled production and irrigate using the drop-by-drop method to encourage water saving.


Elaboration process of our desserts
Once we have collected all the fruit from the fields, it is time to make our desserts! And what is the production process to make it 100% natural?

The first step is to clean the fruit once it arrives at our facilities.
Once it is clean, we remove the skin and the seeds from it. We crush and pasteurize them instantly.
During this process no dyes, sugars or preservatives are added.
Finally, we pack in 100-gram tubs for consumption.

Anela Fruits is an alternative to eat 100% natural fruit in a comfortable and healthy way.
Remember that you can get your Anela Fruits in physical stores or in our online store.