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Say goodbye to sugar

Say goodbye to sugar
Consuming sugar in large quantities increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases... The most serious thing is that in most foods that we find in the supermarket there are large quantities of refined sugar that, apart from being dangerous for our health, has an addictive effect. That's because sugar causes dopamine to be released in our brain (a substance that is activated when performing pleasurable activities).

Natural foods with natural sugar
More than once you will have heard that sugar activates our brain, and it is true. But there are natural foods that provide us with these nutrients without resorting to refined sugars. The vast majority of processed foods contain a high proportion of added free sugar, an amount that is unnecessary for our body. That is why we encourage you to eat more natural foods such as fruit and vegetables. These contain fructose, which is easily absorbed and quickly assimilated. It is also much sweeter than common sugar, so we need a smaller amount, which translates into a lower caloric intake.


Natural sugar with Anela Fruits
We are lovers of nature and everything that it gives us, for that reason our products are 100% natural, without additives, vitamin C (scorbic acid), juices or concentrates, without preservatives or added sugars (only the sugar of the fruit itself ). At Anela we are aware that today's society is marked by haste, stress and little time to dedicate to ourselves. That is why we created our fruit dessert, Anela Fruits, 100% natural, easy to carry and consume, so that wherever and whenever you are, you can consume natural foods and continue taking care of your health and well-being.