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Apple and mango crumble

Apple and mango crumble
Today we bring a wonderful recipe of apple and mango crumble made by Maria Rodriguez.
For the filling of this cake we have used our 100% natural spoon fruit. We have our own fields of production of apples and pears offering in this way a product of high quality, without additives, dyes or preservatives. Let’s start with the ingredients we need to make this delicious dish.
-For the broken dough we will need 1 egg, 300 g of flour, 100 g of butter, pinch of salt and 50 g of sugar glass.
-For the filling we will need 4 jars of apple fruit and mango (you can use the flavor you like), 50 g of nuts and an apple cut into thin slices
- For the crumble, we will need 150 g of flour, 75 g of butter cut in cubes very cold, 1 spoonful of ground cinnamon and 2 spoonful of sugar.
In a bowl we put the flour, butter, salt and sugar and in our hands we are melting the butter and mixing it with the rest of the ingredients. Once the ingredients are mixed, add the egg and mix it too. We make a ball and add a little more flour until it is detached from our hands, cover with paper film and put it in the fridge 1 h approx. Then we take it out of the fridge and stretch it with a rolling pin, letting the dough have some thickness.
Grease the chosen mold, cover it with the dough, cut the leftover contours and put it in the oven 180º for 15 minutes (previously prick it in the center and cover with weights so that the dough is not inflated). We take it out of the oven and fill it with our chosen fruit, distribute some chopped walnuts and laminated apple.
We make the crumble by mixing the ingredients with the fingers, binding them as if they were crumbs. With this we cover everything above and in the oven 180° from 20 to 30 minutes so that you can see that it is a beautiful golden color.

After cooling you can enjoy it. In this recipe we have not added too much sugar to show the taste of the natural fruit, if you prefer sweeter you can add to your taste.