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What happens if we stop eating fruit? Anela Fruits is an innovative, natural, healthy and easy way to eat fruit!

What happens if we stop eating fruit? Anela Fruits is an innovative, natural, healthy and easy way to eat fruit!
There are some foods that it is better to eat more or less quantity. For example, experts recommend reducing the consumption of fats, sugars, processed foods ... but what would happen to our body if we stop consuming fruit?
There are all types of diets that are based on eliminating (or practically reducing to zero) the consumption of certain types of food. Stop eating carbohydrates, reduce the consumption of meat... all these practices may not only not provide any benefit, but may have adverse effects, such as fatigue or tiredness, since our body is being deprived of certain foods that they are necessary in their proper measure.


Talking about fruit, all kinds of studies have been done on how much fruit is recommended to consume per day, and all kinds of results have been obtained. Most experts say that the ideal is to eat at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, but not all say the same: several studies suggest that, having at least three servings of fruit or vegetables a day, it would be enough to maintain a good health.
Anela Fruits, "the spoon fruit", is an innovative way to eat fruit. With our 100g pot we facilitate the consumption of fruit in an easy, comfortable, healthy and natural way. Made with the fruit of our own plantations, you can eat it anywhere, anytime, in the job to, in a excursion, in the school for the children, for those who practice sports, for those who want to be healthy, etc.

Not eating fruit we lose the opportunity to benefit from all kinds of properties that it has: prevention of premature aging, favouring cell regeneration, improving psychological well-being, improving the cardiovascular system, improving intestinal functioning ... there are so many benefits of fruit that excluding it from our diet would mean to close the door to health.
That is why from Anela Fruits we want to make it easier for you to include fruit in your diet, from thinking about new combinations that you will love to new formats so that you find it more comfortable to eat fruit, both inside and outside the home. In addition, our products are made with 100% natural fruit: when you eat Anela Fruits, you will enjoy all the properties and benefits of the natural fruit.
You know: now you have some more reasons why we should not leave fruit aside in our diet!