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The fields begin to bloom at Anela Fruits

The fields begin to bloom at Anela Fruits
The most beautiful time of the year to see our fields has arrived! Spring leaves us beautiful images of our flowering trees, and today we explain something more about our apple and pear trees.

More than 140ha spread over 6 farms

Now more than 50 years ago the founders of Anela Fruits (Teresa and Esteve) started the family business. In the beginning, they were the ones who decided to have pear and apple plantations in the l'Empordà and Gironès regions.

The province of Girona is an ideal region for growing apples due to its proximity to the sea and the mountains, while pear trees need more humid areas. For this reason, our plantations are located in Gironès and l'Empordà.

We cultivate some 140ha distributed in 6 farms in equal parts (apples and pears). The farms are spread over Alt Empordà (L'Escala and Ventalló), Gironès (Sant Gregori and Campllong) and La Selva (Vilobí d'Onyar and Riudellots).

100% natural fruit in our desserts

At Anela Fruits we work from the nursery itself to the final harvest, which is usually carried out between August and November. We also have ecological plantations where we do not use any type of fertilizer. We have plots of integrated production and organic production (10%).

To ensure a good quality of the trees, we always water them drop by drop to save water and we feed them with fertilizers. We also protect them against pests and diseases (applying phytosanitary products).

What sets us apart from the rest is that we harvest when the fruit has already begun to ripen, which allows us to guarantee excellent sweetness and natural aromas to our desserts.