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We start a new year

We start a new year
First of all, on behalf of the entire Anela Fruits team, we wish that all our customers, friends, suppliers and final consumers have had a happy holiday season and that this new year 2023, which we have just begun, illuminates the path to follow and that it leads us a lot of peace, health, confidence and serenity to give the best of all of us and make possible the challenges that we propose.

When we start a new year, it is also time to take stock of how the previous year has gone, 2022, and at Anela Fruits we consider that it has been positive because:

- Everything and the difficulties of the pandemic, it seems that we have already turned the page and everything returns to a certain normality.
- We have been able to assume in the best possible way the increase in raw material and energy costs caused by the war, hoping that prices can return to a certain normality.
- This year, despite the lack of rain we have had, the production of apples and pears has been correct and of very good quality.
- We maintain the same Anela team that without them it would not be possible to offer all our products. Thanks! In addition, Esteve Bosch has joined the export team after his absence for a year. Welcome!
- At the export level, this year we received the award for Best Export Company from the Gourmet Cluster of Catalonia! An acknowledgment to our fans, who despite this difficult year, have remained and we hope to continue growing in the coming years.
- At a national level, more and more consumers know us and value our product for being a family business, producers of apples and pears and producing innovative and 100% natural fruit products of very good quality.
- We have made small investments to improve production, with 3D technology and also with the aim of being more sustainable, a challenge that we want to focus on this new year.
- In reference to the new format that we launched just during the pandemic, we are trying to ensure that more and more children can eat very good quality fruit in a package focused just for them. At the moment, you can find them at the Condis supermarkets and the Good Price in Girona. But we are convinced that this 2023 you will be able to find them in many more supermarkets.
- We have opted for international fairs such as the Alimentaria fair in Barcelona or the Sial fair in Paris to continue presenting Anela Fruits throughout the world.
- And, finally, we have fulfilled the objective of continuing to be a benchmark company in the production of fruit compotes, since we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the brands on the market to be direct producers, to be able to control all traceability since we make them with fruit homegrown and make a 100% natural product for a wide range of consumers. And, all this, thanks to the illusion, perseverance, dedication and perseverance of this great team that Anela Fruits has.
Thank you very much! For this new year that is beginning, we have new challenges that with everyone's help we hope will come true and that we will share with all of you. Have a very good 2023!