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We are in harvest season of apples and pears

We are in harvest season of apples and pears
As you know, we are producers of fruit. With the fruit from our own orchards, we elaborate a fruit dessert 100% natural and 100% fruit: an alternative of eating 100% natural fruit in a healthy, comfortable, fast and easy way. Now, during September and October, we are in the harvest time of our apples and pears. The land is very grateful, and the fruit trees during this time are full of high-quality fruits.

The quantity of fruits depends mainly on the climatology of the whole year. For example, cold weather, purge of flowering, spring rains, frost, heat... Each year is different and really unknown.

This year, although there is not a lot of production due to the climatology, we must affirm that our fruit is of high-quality. Our fruit desserts maintain this quality and also the full control of the traceability of our product: from cultivation of the fruit trees until final transformation into our different formats, we offer a high-quality fruit desserts 100% natural and 100% fruit, without added sugar, no dyes, no preservatives, no ascorbic acids, no concentrated juices... The flavour of the 100% natural fruit!

Anela Fruits is an alternative of eating fruit in a healthy, easy, fast and comfortable way; to eat anywhere and at any time. Children and babies love Anela Fruits; and we also recommend them for the whole family; because young people and adults need to eat fruit to maintain a healthy diet.

Anela Fruits, elaborated with the fruit from our own orchards! We eat a lot of fruit and also a lot of Anela!