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Interview to Teresa Farré of Anela Fruits

Interview to Teresa Farré of Anela Fruits

Last month, thanks to receiving the Girona Excel.lent award, the radio FeM Girona came to interview us and visit our installations with the program Parada i Fonda directed by Lluís Bofill. They interviewed Teresa, the founder of Anela Fruits, to talk about the roots, the family business, the values, the fruit, the added value and Anela Fruits project. Here we let you some words from Teresa interview (full interview in this link)




"I was born in Lleida and I have lived between fruit trees from a very young age. I met my husband in Lleida [...]. We both worked fruit from our origins, both families knew the business so do we. Since then, the company has experienced a generational change where two of our children accompany us to grow the company. Xavier planted the plantations and Josep Maria produced this product. This is not a whim of destiny, it is a family business treated with a lot of sensibility and loving what we do. "




"We are producers of fruit and we distribute our pear and apple for all Spain. But in 2006 there was a fall in the consumption of fruit, and we had to find a solution with a natural product to solve the lack of eating fruit. And this was the Anela Fruits product. At first it was difficult because it was not an usual or common product; But we did it grow with great enthusiasm and passion, and over time we kept working to achieve this success. "


"From Campllong this product has been expanding worldwide, globally and locally. We are also in schools, hospitals and supermarkets. It has no preservatives, no additives, no added sugars, it is 100% natural, it's fruit! It's as simple as if you take an apple, you peel it and you eat it. It is healthy, you can take it away and eat it anytime everywhere, it is a very comfortable dessert to eat. Children love it aswell as parents and grandparents… to sum up, it is a solution to natural fruit. "




"The preparation of the container is very simple. It is not an artisanal process that we use to pack, but almost; Since we peel the fruit, we take the pine nuts and crush it, and for an automatic process of pasteurization, we pack them. The whole process is made by us, and for that reason we have the advantage of offering the brand Anela Fruits 100% natural. We follow a vertical process: We keep tracking since we plant the tree to the final product. We take care of evert detail. "


"The base of our desserts are the pear and apple, the fruits that grow in our fields. Then we add other fruits such as mango, strawberry or banana that we buy in a natural puree. Currently we have seven flavors but we're already thinking about new ones for the new season. "



"Anela Fruits is unique because we are the fruit producers themselves and do not add additives or juices ... this means that we can certify that it is 100% natural and makes it more special. On the other hand it’s very important for us the story of the product Anela Fruits. It has been part of my life and my family. The name of Anela herself comes from our first three granddaughters: Anna, Eli and Laia. The name is a composition that my husband did at the beginning of the project and is a brand made for us and we love it very much. We currently have twelve grandchildren and all of them like Anela ".(If you want to know more information about the brand Anela follow this link)

"Despite being a very small company, we are growing in other countries like South Korea, Russia or Uruguay. We can say that it is thanks to our story and people like to know what we are doing. In fact, it is what made us won the Girona Excellent prize. The roots are very important, and I never thought it was so important in the commercial world. [...] From the love story of the lands of Lleida to the globalization of Anela fruits. Apart from God and my family, Anela Fruits is part of me. "



"Thanks to FeM Girona, our proximity radio for its dedication and for the interview with Teresa from Anela Fruits, 100% natural desserts. A comfortable, easy and healthy alternative to eat 100% natural fruit without any preservatives, no added sugars, nor additives.