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Anela Fruits: a dessert for everybody

Anela Fruits: a dessert for everybody
Frequently we find people that ask us if they can, or not, consume our products. Often they relate our product for babies… but this isn’t like that. Sometimes, people see our product for people with restrictive diets… but isn’t like this either. And occasionally Anela Fruits is sawn as a product for elder… and it isn’t like this at all. So… who can eat Anela Fruits?
The answer is everybody can eat Anela Fruits! Anela Fruits is a dessert made exclusively with fresh and natural fruit, the most of it from our own fields. As we are fruit producers, we are able to control completely the production; from it is in the tree to when it’s finally sell.


The elaboration process has been optimized in a way it’s not necessary to use extra sugar, preservative or additives: what you find inside is 100% natural fruit. That’s the reason it is a fantastic meal for all the family, from children, young and adults, also for another people with strict diets, being able for gluten intolerant, diabetic and people with diets based in products with low sugar and fat.
As Anela Fruits is a product suitable for gluten intolerant people, we have been collaborating with the Catalan Gluten Intolerant Association for so long, aiming to spread and increase the presence of products able for this collective in our market.
And you, did you know that Anela Fruits is apt for everybody?