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Anela Fruits in Madrid Gluten Free Exhibiton 2016

Anela Fruits in Madrid Gluten Free Exhibiton 2016
One week ago, we returned from Madrid Gluten Free, where we were presenting our fruit dessert 100% natural and 100% fruit Anela Fruits. We went to Madrid with my husband Esteve and my son Esteve. It was a very tiring weekend but a very valuable experience. Three exciting days for free gluten food in a fantastic exhibition: a unique opportunity to show our fruit dessert Anela Fruits “a spoonful of fruit”.

The exhibition took place at the Pabellón de Cristal in the Casa de Campo of Madrid. It was for both professionals and final consumers, and there were many people who were interested in our product. From restaurants that want to include our desserts in the menu to retailers, fruit shops and food stores from different provinces of Spain. Anyway, we liked the most was the people who came to our stand and they didn’t know us before, they tasted our product, and then, they came back to buy it because for them it was very good, natural and healthy desserts.

You know we are apple and pear fruit growers and, with our own fruit from our orchards, we elaborate a dessert fruit 100% natural equivalent to a portion of fruit. However, sometimes, the best way to define ourselves is through the eyes of the people. So that, you can read a part of the writing of Alicia and her blog “El arte de cuidar T” that tell from us the following:


"This was a pleasant discovery at the event. Anela Fruits are a family of Girona of more than 40 years dedicated to the cultivation of apples and pears. From their own fruit, they elaborate a dessert ideal for the lifestyle that we currently live […] Made entirely with natural fruit without preservatives, dyes or added sugars […] We meet part of the family and they were awesome […] Certainly, I can tell you that at home we all loved these products. They are delicious, healthy, natural and easy to carry anywhere, so, they are ideal for children, who have difficulty for eating fruit. What I liked most about them is that they are 100% natural, without added sugar and without preservatives."

As we do in the different events that we attend, we also conducted a draw for a batch of fruit and Anela Fruits desserts to all those that followed on social networks during the Madrid Gluten Free. Once the draw has been done, we have to congratulate to Soraya Yela who will receive our batch of fruit. Congratulation and eating fruit!

Thank you for all of you that came to visit us and also to the organization of Madrid Gluten Free for their perseverance, professionalism and work in order to organize a exhibition of free gluten products. Congratulations and until the next exhibition!