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ANELA is also present at the hospital and residences

ANELA is also present at the hospital and residences

When Anela began her journey, compotes were not known in Spain (unlike Italy and France, where they were already consumed). This made Anela the pioneer and, at the beginning, she began to appear in hospitals and residences.

As you well know, Anela is a family business that works with passion, enthusiasm and perseverance to be able to do things better every day, and the person who promoted the project was Teresa. She was responsible for personally going to all the hospital kitchens throughout Spain to publicize her ANELA brand and launch the project we know today.

Once in the hospitals, people began to ask where they could buy Anela Fruits, and this is when we designed the pack for mass consumption.


Present in more hospitals in 2023

We are currently present in hospitals, catering, schools, nurseries and residences.

This 2023, we have won the contest for the second time to be at the Lozano Blesa Hospital in Zaragoza, where Anela has been valued for its good quality, fruit flavor, and 100% natural fruit (obtaining a score of 35 points). 

We can also say that this year we are present for the first time at the Sant Joan de Déu hospital in Barcelona and we are very happy to be able to reach so many children.


Anela Fruits present in hospitals, nursing homes, catering, nurseries, schools and supermarkets throughout Spain

Thanks to the integration of Anela in different hospitals, geriatrics, and others, today we can say that we are present in supermarkets throughout Spain. Even so, we continue to fight to be able to take our products to even more hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, schools... so that patients, the elderly and children can enjoy a good, natural and healthy product.