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Cold desserts of puree of apple and mango with vanilla ice cream

Cold desserts of puree of apple and mango with vanilla ice cream
Hello friends of Anela Fruits!
We are at Easter and we have holidays to celebrate with family and friends in these special days. I am Montse and, a month ago, I proposed a recipe of chicken salad with vinaigrette of apple puree Anela Fruits. Today, I propose you another recipe…I hope you enjoy it!
I love being the host and have people at home. As you know, I love cooking! But, I always care about desserts. At home, we are not much to eat sweets, and I never contemplated the option of going to buy something in the bakery. And, if there are sweets, before you always have to eat some fruit as Anela Fruits “a spoonful of fruit” 100% natural and 100% fruit. As always I want to make everyone happy, normally I always prepare the same because I try to please every palate. Some of the desserts which I usually cook are fruit salad with all kinds of fruit, some strawberries with vinegar or orange juice…but one day I wanted to experiment and I created the following desserts… They are delicious!
 Cold desserts of puree of apple and mango
These desserts, although they are cold, are very refreshing and digestive, so, you can eat both in summer and in any other season of the year. They are ideal to digest after a good meal. It should be served individually and present with cocktail glasses.
Ingredients for 6 people:
- 4 puree of apple and mango Anela Fruits.
- 6 balls of vanilla ice cream. You can also buy a large terrine and make the balls. 
- 12 mulberries (usually go in boxes)
- 10 strawberries that, once cleaned, we will cut in 4 small pieces .
- 12 raspberries ( usually go in boxes)
- White sugar


-Before you start preparing these desserts, we must freeze the fruit purees Anela Fruits of apple and mango. We will remove from the freezer 1 hour and a half before serving the desserts. To unfreeze, we only have to remove the cover of the terrine (I used three quarters of each terrine per person).

-We will take as many glasses as people we are; and we prepare a soup bowl larger than the cup to add white sugar.

-We will take a piece of strawberry and pass through the top of the cup until it is very wet. Then, we turn the cup and, in the soup bowl, we soak with the sugar.

-Once we have the cup list, we add a tablespoon of puree of fruit Anela Fruits of apple and mango to fill the glass.

-Then, we add a scoop of vanilla ice cream above the puree of fruit and, to finish our recipe, we add blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

-You can finish decorating these desserts to your liking. In my case, as you can see, I made a cold dessert also for the smallest of the family, including strawberries and teddy bears candy.

And, as we are at Easter, you can finish your desserts doing a good coffee with sweets characteristics of this season of the year, such as Easter cake or fritters.

Look the fritters very good? Well, they are totally made at home! Teresa has made these fritters. Besides being a great mother, a great grandmother and a great entrepreneur, she is a great cook and the pioneer of Anela Fruits. You can ask her the recipe. She tells you enchanted!