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Do you want to know the questions that people ask more about Anela Fruits?

Do you want to know the questions that people ask more about Anela Fruits?
We are a familiar company who love going in different events to talk with people, meet our friends and explain what we do and who we are. We give balloons, stickers, we promote our product and we make a draw…and we also say that Anela Fruits is a fruit dessert recommended for the whole family and for all ages!

We always try to answer the questions that people do. Do you want to know which some of these comments are? Do you want to know our answer? Here, you have some examples: 

  • Excuse me, what is this? Is like a yogurt or fruit jam?
Anela Fruits is a fruit dessert. We don’t add any added sugar, so that, is suitable for diabetics (only includes the sugar of the fruit); no lactose; no gluten. This is totally a fruit dessert 100% natural; an original and easy way to eat fruit more often. You have to combine spoon and fruit; and then, you have the fruit dessert Anela Fruits, “a spoonful of fruit”.
  • My son doesn't eat fruit. There is no way he gets used to eat fruit. 
We offer an alternative to eat fruit. Maybe, it can work or can fail; but, constantly, we receive a lot of comments of mothers who tell us that their children love Anela Fruits and, every day, they eat fruit thanks to Anela. Do you want to try it? 
  • Is it the same as eating an apple? Is it only fruit?
We are producers of apples and pears and, with our own fruit of our orchards, we elaborate this dessert fruit 100% natural and 100% fruit. We don’t added conservatives, acids, colorants, added sugar… It is the same as having an apple in your hands, but in a more easy and convenient way. You can eat fruit with Anela Fruits, “a spoonful of fruit”. 

  • Look, Anela! My children love it. They take it to the school for breakfast and they eat it in a moment. 
Anela Fruits is not only a fruit dessert for children. A lot of people think that purees of fruits are only for babies and children, but fruit is indispensable and important to maintain a healthy diet. Experts recommend eating 3 to 5 pieces of fruit each day. For this reason, you have Anela Fruits: to eat fruit in a more convenient way in your office, in your meals, in an excursion, in the train… 
  • I have seen Anela in a hospital. Do you elaborate this fruit dessert?  
We control all the elaboration process and all the traceability of the product, from apples and pears are in the tree to the pots which are ready to final consumption. We are not intermediaries and commission agents. We are a familiar company that we do all at home! And, sure, you can find our fruit desserts in supermarkets with the format of pack-2; and also in hospitals, geriatrics and schools with the individual format.

And if you still have any question, you can ask us via Facebook, Twitter or our website!

Thank you very much and see you in the next event!