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The fruit can't miss in our day to day.

The fruit can't miss in our day to day.

You know it’s advisable to eat three pieces of fruit a day? Although they seem many, if we organize well it is very easy to incorporate them into our diet. Some of the benefits that the fruit brings us are the following:

For its antioxidants prevent premature aging of cells, giving us a higher quality of life.
They give us water, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
If we consume them daily, fruits help us to prevent different diseases such as cardiovascular problems, digestive disorders, some types of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, in addition to collaborating in the fight against overweight and obesity.
Fruits give us a feeling of satiety when they contain fiber.

Anela products are made with 100% natural fruit with the main objective of encouraging the consumption of fruits to the consumer by offering innovative homegrown products to eat in an easy, comfortable, healthy and fast way.

With Anela Hop everything is easier, you can eat the fruit anywhere and at any time, without cutting or peeling it and is suitable for all audiences: diabetic, celiac, kids…

One of the favorite fruits of Anela Fruits is, without a doubt, the apple. Some of the most curious benefits of this fruit are the whitening effect it brings to our teeth and helps you improve memory.

You have no excuse to include fruit in your healthy diet, enjoy our spoonful fruit wherever you go. And you, have you eaten all three pieces of the day?