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We are going to Madrid with Anela Fruits to MAD Gluten Free 2016

We are going to Madrid with Anela Fruits to MAD Gluten Free 2016
This week, we are going to go to Madrid. Anela Fruits will take place in Feria Madrid Gluten Free which will occur next Saturday, Sunday and Monday (5.6-7 March) in Casa del Campo of the Spanish capital. This is an event aimed at professionals and consumers, very interesting for celiacs or gluten intolerants. There, they will know, taste and buy gluten-free products which are nowadays in the market. 

This is the second edition of the event. Last year, it took place in Barcelona, and we were present to introduce our fruit desserts 100% natural and 100% fruit Anela Fruits “a spoonful of fruit”. It was a real success, with a lot of activities, visitors and expositors; and, for this, we decided to go to Madrid and participate in the second edition of Feria Madrid Gluten Free. We attach a link with a video-summary of the first edition. 

Last year, many visitors told us how difficult are to find gluten-free products well identified in the supermarket, and the need to have a variety of options and references to choice. At home, I have my daughter and my grandson who are intolerant to gluten and I know how difficult is to have alternatives from gluten-free diets.

A good and healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruit, is very important to our health. It is essential to consume natural and healthy products, without added sugar. We are producers of fruit and we control all the production process, from the fruit is on the tree until you have in your hands ready to eat with the spoon. We don’t add any conservatives or added sugar to all process. With Anela Fruits, you have a natural piece of fruit to include in your healthy diet… 

We wait you in the stand 54A. There, we will offer tasting of our products, draw, promotions and we will explain you who we are and what we do; so that, you will know our fruit desserts 100% natural and 100% fruit Anela Fruits, an alternative to eat fruit in a comfortable and healthy way…and without gluten!