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The importance of eating healthily in the summer

The importance of eating healthily in the summer
For many, summer means relax, beach, vacation and routine changes. All this combined with the high temperatures means that our diet is not the most suitable at this time of year. For the same reason, it is super important to continue to maintain the healthiest habits possible, hydrate and eat seasonal fruit to continue with well-charged batteries.

It is very important not to forget to eat protein-rich foods to keep up with the energy we need and accompany it with fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. We must also not forget that in summer perspiration increases, so we lose a lot of fluids. Consequently, we need to hydrate ourselves and drink water abundantly. We recommend setting aside soft drinks or sugary drinks because they promote dehydration.

Tips for keeping up with good habits:
- Drink fluids often (water or infusions) and avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.
- Eat fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, as they contain fluids and nutrients needed for this time of year.
- Stay as active as possible. It is important to go for a walk on the beach, walk in the mountains… All this will help us feel less heavy and keep fit.

Anela Fruits and its natural products
We remind you that at Anela Fruits we only use natural fruit to make our products. In addition, pears and apples are home-grown, which allows us to follow their traceability from the moment the fruit is harvested from the tree. Thanks to its format, you can eat natural fruit wherever you are!

Remember that you can get our products in physical stores or in our online store.