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An alternative to eating fruit in an easy, comfortable, natural and healthy way

We are a family company and have over 50 years of experience dedicated to fruit production (pears and apples) in the region of Girona. We elaborate Anela Fruits 100% natural fruit puree from fresh fruit. Producing with fresh fruit means that quality control and traceability start at source when the fruit is still on the tree so we can offer a high quality product of which we are extremely proud.

Anela Fruits is a 100% natural fruit puree, without any additives or added sugars. We have different references and formats with the aim that the whole family (from the smallest to the oldest) eats fruit more regularly.


100% natural

Suitable for diabetics

Suitable for coeliacs

Suitable for children

for the whole family


We are apple and pear fruit growers

Being aware of the importance of climate and terrain when cultivating fruit, our apple orchards are located in the Alt Emporda, where the proximity of the sea and the mountains create optimal conditions for the production of this fruit. Our pear orchards, however, which need more moisture, are found in the moister regions of La Selva and Gironès, an area whose climate is suitable for this crop.

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