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What should an athlete eat to have a healthy life?

What should an athlete eat to have a healthy life?

Having a good diet is always important to have a healthy life, but if we also practice sports, we must pay even more attention to what we eat to have enough energy during training.

Essential fruits:

  • Apple: Apple is known for its high satiating power and because it provides very few calories. In addition, it is perfect for proper hydration, since 80% of its content is water.
  • Pear: Just like the apple, it contains a lot of water, making it perfect for maintaining good hydration. It is rich in pectin (improves intestinal flora), selenium (antioxidant), zinc (increases defenses) and potassium (diuretic and hypotensive).
  • Banana: This fruit is the one that is most associated with athletes since it provides a lot of sugar that is quickly assimilated by our body, which gives us an instant shot of energy. In addition, its power to prevent muscle cramps and reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue is known, since it is rich in potassium.


Fruit compotes Anela Fruits
At Anela Fruits we combine all these fruits and more! You can find compotes of:

  • Pear
  • Pear & Apple
  • Apple & Banana
  • Apple
  • Apple & Strawberries
  • Apple & Mango
  • Apple & Peach
  • Apple & Carrot
  • Apple & Plum
  • Macedonia
We remind you that all apples and pears are from our own fields. 100% natural fruit, quick and easy to eat anywhere.