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Anela Fruits collaborates with different events

Anela Fruits collaborates with different events
In Anela we love being active and help, as much as possible, for making this world better. For that reason, in our regular schedule, it can’t miss collaborating with all kind of activities, initiatives and events in several ambits. Do you want to know more? Then, continue reading!

How couldn’t we foment health and sport? We are collaborators with the Sports Journeys organized by the “Consell Esportiu del Gironès”: we make sure that any participant lacks of energy giving them some of our products! Without doubt, athletes love Anela Fruits’ taste!
Education is, also, one of the most important things for us: foment good habits to children, teenagers and adults is one of our goals that give us more satisfaction! That’s why we organize all kind of tours and visits to our installations, showing to our guests all the production process: since the fruit is in the field to when you can enjoy your meal. As we are able to control all the traceability, we can show the entire production process, where we make our products without any additive or sugar additive.


In addition, we collaborate with some entities during the year to show our support. For example, every year it can’t miss our collaboration with the different initiatives of “La Marató de TV3”, in which we give part of our earnings to this excellent cause.
Those are only some of the different activities in which we participate every year: don’t miss our next blog entries and follow us in social media to we aware of all the news!