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Anna + Elisabet + Laia = ANELA. The origin of anela name.

Anna + Elisabet + Laia = ANELA. The origin of anela name.
Almost ten years ago, we launched in the market a fruit dessert 100% natural made wholly from fresh fruit, most of which comes from our own orchard. Our enterprising spirit led us to think about a possibility to give to consumer and to whole family an alternative of eating fruit in an easy, natural and healthy way. 
In 2006, we had to decide our name for this product. It took us a lot of time! You cannot imagine how difficult is to find a name that sounds good and everyone like it. After thinking about it and doing a brain storming, my husband Esteve said:

    - I already have it! I’m going to do a puzzle!

With mu husband, we walk together for over 40 years. He has always a lot of ideas, and this one has been very original. Do you like to know it?

The fruit dessert Anela Fruits has his origin in the name of our third biggest granddaughters. Their names are Anna, Elisabet and Laia. If you look the initials of each name, you already do the puzzle with the name ANELA!

This is the origin of ANELA name!!!

Now, after 10 years, we have 12 children. ANELA name has always maintained our spirit of home and familiar company. Anela Fruits is a fruit dessert made with fruit from own orchards; so that, the name could not be less and also be a home-made name. We upload two photos more where you can meet the ANELA girls. Every year, they are bigger and bigger!