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Who are we?

We are a family company with over 40 years of experience dedicated to fruit production (pears and apples) in the province of Girona. We elaborate Anela Fruits 100% natural fruit desserts from fresh fruit. Producing with fresh fruit means that quality control and traceability start at source when the fruit is still on the tree so we can offer a high quality product of which we are extremely proud.

Our story

We are apple and pear fruit growers

Being aware of the importance of climate and terrain when cultivating fruit, our apple orchards are located in the Alt Emporda, where the proximity of the sea and the mountains create optimal conditions for the production of this fruit. Our pear orchards, however, which need more moisture, are found in the moister regions of La Selva and Gironès, an area whose climate is suitable for this crop.

The origin of our brand

Since we do everything at home, our brand name also originates in our family. ANELA is the sum of the initials of the first three granddaughters of the founders of the company: ANna + Eli + LAia.

The name ANELA represents very well the daily values ​​of our company: the effort, the job well done and the work we do from the tree to the final packaging in order to offer an excellent quality products.

Social responsibility

Our family company strives constantly to contribute to the greater well-being of society and the environment by working with various local organizations and associations. We like to be involved with cultural and sport organizations collaborating in different events, as well as, working with collaborative social projects such as the Food Bank Foundation, who distribute food to the socially disadvantaged; and participating in different conferences such as International Nutrition Day.

We take care of our orchards

We take care of our orchards

Anela Fruits are producers of apples and pears. From the nursery itself, we take care of our trees and our plantations in order to guarantee a sustainable environment. We make the minimum environmental impact and have a drip irrigation system that also allows us to have maximum efficiency in the use of water.
We reduce the environmental impact

We reduce the environmental impact

One of our goals is the commitment to the sustainability of the planet. With the use of more sustainable packaging than plastic or the use of all the parts of the fruit that we do not use as natural fertilizer for our fields; we try to protect our planet as much as possible so that future generations can grow up in a healthier and more sustainable environment.
We elaborate products with natural ingredients

We elaborate products with natural ingredients

One of the values ​​of Anela Fruits is the fact of using the right and necessary ingredients to provide the best quality and taste. For this reason, our labelling is clear and simple. Our products only contain the fruit indicated by each reference, without any preservatives or additives. It is the fruit itself that we prepare in a rapid pasteurization process in order to keep the fruit's nutrients to the maximum. A 100% safe product, a 100% fruit product.
We collaborate with different social and cultural entities

We collaborate with different social and cultural entities

From Anela Fruits, we support various social, cultural and sporting entities with donations of our products for special events, as well as collaboration with social project entities in order to do our bit for a fairer world and committed to all the people around us. As a family company and following the values ​​of our founders, we have the obligation and commitment to promote a fairer and more supportive society.




An IFS certification shows that our company has established processes which are suitable for ensuring food and product safety, and that it has considered and implemented customer specifications; demonstrating compliance with the highest standards of safety and quality. 


Girona Excellent is a recognition of agri-food quality that identifies the best products of the demarcation of Girona. The selected products are all produced entirely in the demarcation of Girona and have been selected through blind tastings by the country's best chefs, oenologists and gastronomic critics. Our company participates in these awards and year after year our products receive recognition for being unique, original, for their quality and for their taste.


Kosher certification is a process which ensures the features and quality of the products according to the rules established by the Jewish laws. It ensures there is not illicit element according to Jewish practice during the composition of food, preparation, elaboration, transport and storage. It is also a certification which ensures the security and quality of our 100% natural products.


GLOBAL G.A.P. certification stands for Good Agriculture Practice. It sets internationally recognized standards that assure good practice in crops, livestock and the aquaculture sector. It verifies that our company applies safe and sustainable practices controlling the quality and the traceability of the fruit from the tree to the end of the Anela Fruits production line.

The production process


The fruit is fully controlled and traceable to source; from the planting of the orchards to the production of a good apple and pear harvest.


We obtain fruit of very high quality and we wait from prime time to start picking.


Selecting the fruit from our orchards at optimal ripeness.


We elaborate Anela Fruits desserts with fresh fruit


Removing peel and seeds, grinding the fruit and pasteurizing it immediately to keep the nutrients of the fruit.


Putting fruit puree in pots. No sugars, colourants or conservatives are added throughout the process.


Packing the desserts in 100g pots ready for consumption.