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Anela Fruits has obtained IFS international certificate

Anela Fruits has obtained IFS international certificate

Since our beginnings, our main purpose has been to elaborate a fruit dessert 100% natural and 100% fruit of the highest quality. As we are producers of fruit in Spain, we control all the traceability of the product, from the fruit is on the tree until the final product.

We have obtained IFS (International Food Safety) certificate which recognizes the safety, control and food quality of our 100% natural fruit desserts Anela Fruits. 

We offer a fruit desserts 100% natural and 100% fruit, without added sugar, no dyes, no preservatives, no acides, no concentrated juices... It is only 100% natural fruit! Anela Fruits "a spoonful of fruit" is an innovative alternative of eating fruit in a healthy, fast, comfortable and easy way. 

Our philosophy is to improve day by day to be present both in the foodservice market (caterings, hospitals, schools, nursing homes...) and supermarket chains, retail, fruit shops and local stores. For this reaon, we offer you a quality product because we want that consumers obtain an excellent fruit desserts. 

We are very proud of this certificate and we hope to continue enjoying Anela Fruits with you...Thank you!