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The Royal Gala apples

The Royal Gala apples
As you already know, we are a family company producing apples and pears in the regions of Girona. In the middle of August the harvest season began in our fields. It is a very special moment for Anela. All our efforts bear fruit! 

We start with the delicious red apples, the Royal Gala, located in our fields of l´Escala. These apples grow between the sea and the mountain of Canigó, a perfect environment for this fruit to obtain the maximum sweetness and its characteristic reddish color.

We harvest it with sticks and it is sent to our facilities to start with the processing process. There we make several combinations with different fruits to get delicious flavors. The result is an alternative to eat more fruit, in a comfortable and healthy way 100% natural without added sugars, preservatives or additives. RECOMMENDED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! 

The apple is a fruit par excellence, since all it offers are health benefits and a lot of essential nutrients: fiber, minerals, vitamins and others... 

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