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Anela Fruits, an act of solidarity

Anela Fruits, an act of solidarity
At Anela Fruits we are supportive and during the year we work with different initiatives such as the Television Marathon of TV3, sports days, volunteers events, entertainment organizations, popular days and school activities. We like to be able to contribute with our 100% natural fruit desserts to different social and cultural entities that do an extraordinary work to build a better world.

For many years, Esteve and Teresa, the founders of Anela Fruits, accompany as volunteers the sick people of the pilgrimage of the Hospitality of Lourdes in the province of Girona, organized by the bishopric. Her eldest daughter Susanna, who is a doctor and responsible for the medical team, also accompanies them.

Lourdes apart from volunteering for the sick and the elderly, is a place to pray, for peace, sharing experiences and re-finding yourself. It is an unforgettable experience, because what you receive is much more than what you give. This year we have gathered about 700 people, between patients, elderly people, volunteers and also young people who participate.

Anela Fruits, which is an alternative to eat 100% natural fruit in a comfortable, easy and healthy way, has collaborated and all the patients have been able to taste our fruit desserts in the different meals we have made.

We hope to be able to come back next year, God bless!!!