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Anela Fruits collaborates with the TV3 Marató!

Anela Fruits collaborates with the TV3 Marató!
All over the world we are experiencing one of the most difficult and uncertain times in recent times caused by the SARS-coV2 coronavirus pandemic. Faced with this exceptional situation and the need to advance in the investigation of Covid-19, this Marató 2020 will focus its efforts to raise awareness and disseminate about Covid-19 and will appeal to the solidarity of citizens to add resources that allow progress in the investigation that improves the quality and life expectancy of people affected by this disease.
This year, more than ever, we have to be generous and help each other. It is for this reason that in the month of December we will collaborate with the TV3 Marathon, allocating the amount of all online sales (from December 1 to December 20) to the TV3 Marathon.
From Anela Fruits we want to convey a message of gratitude to all those people who are in charge of the management of the front line of the emergency due to the coronavirus in all its aspects.
Can you help us to collaborate?