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Properties and benefits of the pear

Properties and benefits of the pear
Without any doubt, one of the fruits par excellence of Anela is the pear, grown in our fields in the Girona regions. With this homegrown fruit we make our Anela Fruits, 100% natural and gluten free. But, do you want to know what are the benefits of the pear? Here we explain its main benefits for both children and adults:
- It is very advisable to carry out a healthy and balanced diet thanks to its vitamins and nutrients. In addition, more than 80% is formed by water, therefore it is very easy to digest.
- Excellent for children because it facilitates bone growth thanks to its high calcium content. Similarly, highly recommended for older people because it helps to purify the body.
- It also helps to eliminate cholesterol and regulates intestinal function.

And you, did you know all these properties of the pear? At Anela we make our products with 100% natural fruit. What is your Anela Fruits with pear preferred?