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The apple and pear harvest ends at Anela Fruits

The apple and pear harvest ends at Anela Fruits

We can already say that the pears and apples that will be used in our fruit desserts have already been collected, we are putting an end to our collection campaign!

The apple and pear harvest begins in early August and ends in late October. These months are very intense for us. We collect all the fruit when it is already very ripe, in this way we ensure that it has a lot of natural sugar and thus we can offer a better and healthier final product.

Pear and apple plantations

Our apple trees are located in the Alt Empordà, where the proximity of the sea and the mountains generate optimal conditions for their production. Pear plantations, on the other hand, need a more humid environment. For this reason, they are found in the counties of La Selva and El Gironès.

This year, however, has not been easy. It has been a very dry, hot year with little rain. This has caused drop-by-drop irrigation to be rationed, directly affecting the size of the fruit.

Anela Fruits, 100% natural
Anela Fruits is presented as an alternative to eat fruit in a comfortable, fast and easy way. Our desserts are made from home-grown pears and apples. 100% natural desserts with no added sugars, additives, preservatives or colourings.

Remember that you can buy your favorite desserts in our online store!