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ANELA FRUITS are a family business for more than 40 years, producers of pears and apples in the province of Girona, with effort and passion, has been consolidating as a leading company in the fruit sector. From our fruits we produce a 100% natural fruit dessert Anela Fruits, without any preservatives or additives, or added sugars. "It is the fruit of change", to eat more fruit in a comfortable and healthy way. RECOMMENDED FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.
By participating for the first time in the Alimentaria 2016 fair, we opened a new world to export. It was a success and letting everyone taste our dessert and finding it so good helped us open this path.

Currently we have an international presence in more than 24 countries, one of the first has been South Korea with great success, our importer JEY of the company FARMFACTORY, has introduced its with great dedication, bet by our company. We have been valued for being a family business, having our own fruit fields and making a dessert Anela Fruits natural 100% and only fruit.

The ORÍGENS CATALUNYA programme, from TV3, which is publicised by Catalan companies exporting abroad, has given us the opportunity to participate in it and was broadcast on 19 September.