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Anela Fruits, a fruit dessert for the whole family and for all ages

Anela Fruits, a fruit dessert for the whole family and for all ages
Do you know one of the questions that people ask us when we go to different events? Is this one: ANELA is only for babies…

We always answer NO. We produce a fruit dessert 100% natural which is equivalent to a piece of fruit; so that is the same of eating an apple or a pear, but in a healthy, natural, convenient and easy way.

So, for who is addressed Anela Fruits dessert? For the whole family and for all ages!

For BABIES, it is ideal to introduce them in the fruit when your pediatrician authorize you (usually, from 4 months). This is a puree dessert of fruit 100% natural which we make with fruit of our own orchards. Therefore, you will not find anything more natural and healthy to introduce fruit to your babies. 

For CHILDRENS, it is a good way to help them to eat fruit more regularly. Our fruit desserts are 100% fruit. Many children take it to school and eat it for breakfast or snack; so, they do not stop eating fruit in an important period of growth of our children. We do it easy: with the “spoonful of fruit” and our flavors, we are sure that your children will want to eat fruit!

For YOUNG PEOPLE, it is ideal to maintain a healthy diet. You know that experts recommend eating three to five pieces of fruit every day. With ANELA, you can eat it in an easy and quick way while you are in university, in the office or hiking; and you eat healthy because it maintain all the attributes of the fruit. Save time and eat fruit with ANELA! 

For whole FAMILY, it is ideal to eat as a dessert at home. It has a large expiry date, and does not need cold. And, if you put it in the fridge, you can combine it with lacteous that we usually consume in excess. What is more, if you like cooking, you can use ANELA to accompany some recipes of meat, fish, salads… 

For ELDERLY, it is a perfect fruit dessert because facilitates the intake of fruit. It does not need to masticate, because we blend the fruit, and put it in pots without any colorants, conservatives, and added sugar. We invest in health and we maintain all the properties and qualities of the fruit! 

So, you know… Anela Fruits, “a spoonful of fruit”, is a fruit dessert recommended for the whole family and for all ages. All we need is to eat 100% fruit in an easy, natural and healthy way!