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ANELA: Our History

ANELA: Our History

The history of Anela is marked by love and passion. It all began in the 60s when Esteve Bosch was stationed in Lleida to serve in the military at the age of 21. He came from a farming family in Girona, where his father traded in pigs, and his mother sold vegetables from their garden at the market.

It was in Lleida where Esteve met Teresa, the daughter of one of the fruit growers he traded with to send fruit to his mother. They both met at the cooperative where she worked, and since then, they haven't stopped writing this magnificent story.

In the 70s, they got married and started their business, beginning with a stall selling fruits and vegetables at the Lleó market in Girona. In 1975, Esteve decided to focus on fruit production while Teresa continued at the market stall. After a few years, they finally decided to improve their business and leave the market. In 1983, they exclusively dedicated themselves to their own apple plantations and started selling their fruit nationwide.

In the 90s, they also decided to specialize in pear cultivation, expanding new business relationships to export their products.

In parallel, Esteve and Teresa grew as a family and had 7 children, some of whom have kept the family tradition alive and followed with the same enthusiasm their parents once had.

But the story doesn't end here, as in 2006, they decided to keep improving and launched the fruit dessert that we know today into the market. The idea was to create a 100% natural product (all the fruit came from their own plantations) to make healthy food accessible to all families. They decided to name these fruit compotes ANELA (a name formed from the initials of their first three granddaughters, Anna, Elisabet, and Laia).

After all the love, effort, hope, and passion, ANELA FRUITS has managed to carve a place in the market without losing its essence.

Thanks to all of you who have made Anela Fruits possible!