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Innovating in new flavors: Anela Fruits made of Apple and Carrot!

Innovating in new flavors: Anela Fruits made of Apple and Carrot!
In Anela Fruits one of our biggest goals is to bring you the best of the fruit, and often that means make new experiments, mixing different types of food. And we asked to ourselves… what if we mix fruit with vegetables? If we do it, we can discover delicious combinations!
Our most innovate flavour is apple with carrot, our first combination of fruits and vegetables. As always, it is a 100% natural product, made exclusively with natural fruit. This is a next step to expand the variety of food we eat, and it’s a new way to obtain the best of the fruit in an easy, healthy and delicious way!

The apples of this new flavour are from our own harvest and they come from our own fields, where we have a total control of the traceability of the fruit, from it is seed to when the final product is made. This way, we can control all the processes, without incorporating any additive or sugar. The carrots used in our desserts are 100% natural and 100% fresh too, getting as a result of it a healthy and delicious product!

You can find this new flavour in a lot of shops and supermarkets. If you don’t know where to find our products, you can check it in our website.
Have you tasted this new flavour? We are sure you will love it!