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The consumption of fruit in the summer

The consumption of fruit in the summer
Summer is a good time to introduce fruit into the diet of the youngest, and the oldest, of course, too! This is because being a soft and highly hydrating food, it can be used in many ways and feed.
The importance of fruit consumption is obvious, it brings a great deal of vitamins and nutrients to our bodies, but in the summer, we must pay particular attention to the young ones, because they need to be well hydrated and protected.
As you know, both fruit and vegetables have epochs, so during the summer it will be time to eat one, in the spring another and so on with all the seasons.
We will then tell you what our summer favourites are:
• Mango: source of vitamin C, essential for the skin.
• Mad Strawberries: they contain magnesium, necessary for over 300 reactions of our organism.
• Peach: it contains vitamin A, which benefits the health of our skin and also contains potassium which helps us to maintain intestinal activity.
• Pear: with vitamin C and K, beneficial to bones and tissues.
The way to consume them is very easy, the whole piece is very satiating, but if it is not easy for you to introduce these foods into the diet of your kids, we make it easy for you in Anela Fruits. Our spoon desserts are 100% natural fruit, without added sugars, without lactose or gluten. That is why it becomes the ideal dessert for the whole family!
In addition, you can eat in various ways, simple is spoon full, but if you like to be creative you can use them for some salty dishes, to make candy or to combine it with cut fruit, with yogurt... infinite combinations!
Don't wait to try them any longer!