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The harvest of Royal Gala has begun

The harvest of Royal Gala has begun
One of the apple varieties we have in our orchards is the Royal Gala, which begins to be harvested in early August. It's a very special moment for us as it's when we see that all our efforts are starting to bear fruit!

Our Royal Gala orchards are located in l'Escala, a perfect spot for this variety to be as sweet as possible. Additionally, this year the apples are particularly sweet due to the high temperatures.

This variety originated in New Zealand around 1939 by crossing two different varieties, the "Kidd's Orange Red" with the "Golden Delicious." During one of Queen Elizabeth II's trips to that country, she tried it and liked it, and from that moment it began to be called "Royal Gala."

This variety is characterized by its red color that gradually shifts to yellow and orange. It's one of the sweetest and juiciest varieties.

It has a high iron content, which helps combat anemia. It's recommended for individuals who suffer from bone-related conditions due to its high calcium content. It has a high water content, making it good for staying hydrated. It's also rich in carbohydrates, providing us with a lot of energy.

All our desserts are made from apples from our own orchards. We always pick our fruit at the optimal ripening moment to ensure it's as sweet as possible. This makes all our products 100% natural with no added sugars.

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