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Do you want to know the good new of this week? Anela Fruits is expanding into hospitals

Do you want to know the good new of this week? Anela Fruits is expanding into hospitals
Dear friends of Anela,
This week, we are very happy. We have an important new that we want to share with all of you: we have won a public contest to supply purees of fruit in the Corporació Sanitària del Parc Taulí de Sabadell (Barcelona). We are proud of our desserts because this award is an admission of the quality of our product and the work we do every day… Without your trust, we are sure that it could not be possible.


As you know, Anela Fruits is a fruit dessert 100% natural “a spoonful of fruit” recommended for the whole family. We are apple and pear fruit growers; and we elaborate these desserts with the fruit which comes from our own orchards. You can find our products in supermarkets and fruit shops with the packaging of 2 unities.
However, we also offer a different format with unities of terrines of 100 grams of our seven references that we currently elaborate.

This unit format is ideal for hospitals, schools, clinics, catering services, geriatrics, residences… With Anela Fruits, we offer a 100% natural and 100% fruit desserts, without added sugars or preservatives, and with maximum quality for all centers that want to provide to their users a dessert of quality, fresh and healthy. For this reason, today we are working with many hospitals and clinics in Spain. And, now, we also can provide our fruit dessert in Hospital Center of Parc Taulí.



Every day, we receive emails from consumers and users of different centers that congratulate us for our product, and ask us where they can find our product. If you want more information, you can contact with us through our website (Stores-where do you buy Anela Fruits?). And if you are a center or a business, you have to call us and immediately we will send you samples because we want that you can taste and check the quality or our fruit dessert.
This good new is another one that we want to share with all of you, because without your trust, nothing would be possible. Thank you very much and we look forward to celebrating more news with our friends of Anela!