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All the flavors of Anela Fruits

All the flavors of Anela Fruits

Anela Fruits is a fruit dessert made with 100% natural products. Its main fruits, which serve as the base for all our flavors, are pears and apples.

Having our own fields allows us to have complete traceability control, from the planting stage to the final product realization. This way, we oversee each and every process without incorporating added sugars, preservatives, or colorants.


Fruit Combinations of Anela Fruits
At Anela Fruits, we offer a wide variety of flavors:

Pear: A product made with pears from our plantations. It stands out for its sweet taste and smooth texture. 100% Pear.

Pear and Apple: A product made with pears and apples from our plantations. It perfectly combines the acidity of the apple with the delicacy of the pear. 50% Pear, 50% Apple.

Apple and Banana: One of our star flavors. It combines the textures and properties of both fruits. 85% Apple, 15% Banana.

Apple: A product made with apples from our plantations. It is distinguished by its fine texture and sweetness. 100% Apple.

Apple and Strawberry: Thanks to the combination of these two fruits, we achieve a sweet dessert with a touch of acidity. 82% Apple, 18% Strawberry.

Apple and Mango: Our most exotic combination. It brings together the sweetness of mango with the acidity of the apple. 80% Apple, 20% Mango.

Apple and Peach: One of the smoothest combinations you'll find. 80% Apple, 20% Peach.

Apple and Carrot: In this product, we blend the acidic taste of apple with the sweetness of carrot. 80% Apple, 20% Carrot.

Macedonia: A combination of different textures and properties. Made with apple, pear, peach, and banana.

We remind you that thanks to Anela Fruits, you can enjoy natural fruit all year round. You can find your favorite products in physical stores or in our online store.