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The wishes of Anela Fruits for this new year 2016

The wishes of Anela Fruits for this new year 2016
We are about to end the year 2015, and with it we tend to think about all the situations which we have we have experienced, which we have done, which have happened to us and which we can improve in the future. Christmas is a celebration where predominate the families meals, gifts, Christmas crib and carol... From Anela Fruits, we also want to participate in this spirit of Christmas.

With clay figures made and painted for my daughter Cristina, we prepared a Christmas crib that we have at the entrance of our company in Campllong.

We have also collaborated with the “quina” (a characteristic draw of our country to collaborate with local entities) of the basketball team Uni Girona. To all those who shouted really hard "Quina" on the enclosure of Palau-Sacosta, they won a box with Anela Fruits fruit desserts, a spoonful of fruit! Look in the image the box they could win…in fact, you are still in time to participate during the first days of January. And finally, we have also made a very summery Christmas greeting because, in Girona, this Christmas has become more heat than we are used to live in December.

Personally, I wish during this year 2016 few wars in the world and more peace; that any child and any family don’t miss food; that education would be the engine that dominates our world and that we will be more aware of the importance of respecting nature and have a healthy diet.

From Anela Fruits perspective, we expect with great enthusiasm this year and we hope that we can fulfil our desires that we wish for this year. They are:

- Continue thanking the family of Anela Fruits for their trust in us and our 100% natural and 100% fruit desserts. We will continue growing with you!
- This year we already have ANELA BIO: the new biological range!
- Continue to improve day by day to contribute to the further growth of our company and our family Anela.
- Start flying with Anela Fruits to the European and Eastern world.

We also hope that all your wishes for this New Year come true; and we wish you a new year full of joy, happiness, peace and, above all, fruit!