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We introduce you Anela Hop!

We introduce you Anela Hop!
Finally we can share and make official something we really wanted to share with you!
If Anela Fruits is already a delight in its usual packaging, can you imagine being able to consume it in a new format, without the need for a spoon, in a much more comfortable way and adapted to the youngest of the house? Well, it is now a reality! We present Anela Hop, a new pouche format that facilitates its consumption, since it can be eaten directly from the container without the need of a spoon.
Anela Hop contains the usual Anela Fruits, but presented in a new format. Its interior is made with our own apples and pears and 100% made with natural fruit. In addition, it does not have any type of coloring, preservative or added sugar: you just have to read the label to see that it is 100% natural fruit! In addition, we have opted for combinations and flavors that we are sure will leave the little ones in the house (and the big ones too) wanting to eat more and more fruit!
You can already find Anela Hop in most Novavenda supermarkets, and soon you will be able to find it in the rest of the usual Anela Fruits sale’s points (you can check our sale’s points here). And don't forget that you can also buy our products through our online shop!
We hope you try Anela Hop and love it as much as we love it!