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A full pear harvest at Anela Fruits!

A full pear harvest at Anela Fruits!

As you well know, Anela Fruits desserts are made with our own harvest of apples and pears, and during this month of September, we are harvesting all the pear fields. Our pear fields are divided between the Gironès and La Selva regions, perfect places due to their humid conditions.

Our varieties are:

Abate: This variety is originally from France and is characterized by its very elongated and irregular shape. It is sweet and very juicy.
Conferencia: This variety is originally from England. It has a thick skin that is brownish-green and turns pale yellow when ripe. Its taste is very sweet, and it melts in the mouth.
General Leclerc: This variety comes from Italy and is characterized by its white and crunchy flesh. It has a more acidic than sweet flavor.
Passe-Crassane: Similar to Abate, this pear also comes from France. It has a round and symmetrical shape. Its flesh is juicy and granular with a slightly acidic touch.
Comice: Once again, we find a variety from France. It is one of the sweetest pears in winter.
Williams: This variety also comes from the same region and is characterized by its sweetness and aroma.
Rocha: This variety comes from Portugal, has an oval shape, and a thin and smooth skin. The pulp is white and sweet and juicy.

Key benefits of pears

- They are 80% water, making them very easy to digest.
- They are excellent for children as they promote bone growth due to their high calcium content. Similarly, they are highly recommended for older adults as they help cleanse the body.
- They also aid in cholesterol elimination and regulate intestinal function.
- They are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and antioxidants.

The secret to achieving such a sweet dessert is to harvest the pears and apples when they are ripe, thus taking advantage of all the sugar produced by the fruit itself.

Remember that you can buy your favorite Anela Fruits in physical stores or in our online store.