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At Anela Fruits we do not do holidays... We are innovating!

At Anela Fruits we do not do holidays... We are innovating!
As you all know we are a family business, and we all cook at home. For over 40 years, Esteve and Teresa have met and began a life project that today is called Anela Fruits. Our Anela Fruits fruit desserts are 100% natural, an alternative to eat more fruit in a comfortable, healthy, easy and natural way. Recommended desserts for the whole family, from the youngest when they start with fruit to young people and adults, so they get used to eating more fruit.

We have innovated a few years ago with this way of eating 100% natural fruit to offer an alternative and encourage consumers to eat more fruit. With one Anela, you are eating a piece of fruit that comes - the apple and pear - from our own fields ...

After increasing flavors, this summer we have to innovate with new flavors. With our apples and pears that we produce, what can we mix?

Consumers and fans of Anela Fruits demand more flavors; So we can not fail them, and we must give our friends more flavors. Here we go!! Let's get it!

Teresa, who is the chef of Anela Fruits, gives us a list of new flavors to the Quality Department that never ends, and among all the team we make a tasting to decide what happens to the final selection.

Because we like to do everything at home, we grow up our own apples and pears specially for our desserts. It is an added value that makes us unique and differentiates us from everything else... We place a touch of passion and with our fruit we prepare new flavors. Now we are evaluating them, and we hope to be able to present them to continue increasing the family of Anela Fruits.

So, dear consumers, we hope to keep growing by your side, and that you can enjoy new flavors of our 100% natural desserts and 100% fruit Anela Fruits.

Enjoy summer and happy holidays!