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Spoon fruit and its flavors

Spoon fruit and its flavors
Do you know what the flavors of our spoon fruit are? Today we will talk about each of them to know the benefits that our products provide 100% natural.
The apples and pears of all our flavors are homegrown and come from our fields, where we have a control of the total traceability of the fruit, from which it is planted to the realization of the final product. In this way we can control all the processes through which the fruit passes, without incorporating any type of added, preservative or sugars.
We have been innovating little by little to find the best combinations as they can be the apple and the banana, the pear and the apple, up to the apple and the carrot.

The main flavors are, on the one hand, pear and, on the other hand, apple. We have found exquisite combinations through the apple flavor by mixing it with banana, strawberry, mango, peach and carrot.
The latest addition to Anela Fruits spoon desserts has been the Macedonian flavor (pear, apple, banana and peach), although it is intended for all ages, we believe that it can be a good opportunity for the little ones to learn how to eat fruit and discover new flavors.

Each of our flavors brings different benefits. Pear is rich in vitamins and minerals, helps the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. Mango helps treat diabetes and improves digestion. Peach is good for cholesterol and helps control the blood sugar system. Bananas are a natural defense against bacteria and are rich in antioxidants. Strawberry helps maintain a healthy intestine and lower the level of bad blood cholesterol. The carrot is rich in potassium and phosphorus and its high water content is diuretic. Finally, the apple is draining, activates the brain and whitens the teeth.
With more than 40 years of experience, at Anela Fruits we are a quality company with only healthy products.