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The benefits of having fruit for breakfast

The benefits of having fruit for breakfast

Breakfast is reputed to be the most important meal of the day, and yet we overlook it eating processed foods due to lack of time. But, did you know that eating fruit for breakfast has great benefits for your health?

Start the day with much more natural energy

Eating little breakfast or leaving the house without doing it makes you feel more tired and without enough energy to continue with your day. Fruit is recommended for all ages, and having it for breakfast provides you with healthy calories in the form of unrefined sugar and a host of vitamins and minerals. According to TICBeat, the first hours of the day are critical for the body, since between 07:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. detoxification takes place, where the body eliminates all the toxins accumulated from the previous day. Eating fruit in the good morning gives your body the necessary boost of energy to be able to carry out this process correctly.


Regulates intestinal transit
Besides vitamins and minerals, fruits are a great source of fiber. Thanks to this consumption we help regulate our intestinal transit. In addition, they are also rich in water, which will help us stay hydrated (and thus avoid constipation). Finally, having fruits for breakfast helps your stomach better digest the rest of the meals and foods that you will eat in your day.

Forget about processed foods

We tend to blame the poor diet to our lack of time and the stress that we live in today's society. But what difference is there between eating a bun for breakfast or a piece of fruit? At ANELA FRUITS we make it even easier for you. With our fruit dessert you will have the perfect breakfast effortlessly. You just have to choose the combination that you like the most and enjoy!