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Chicken salad with vinaigrette of apple puree Anela Fruits

Chicken salad with vinaigrette of apple puree Anela Fruits
Hello to all our fans!
I am Montse, and I work for Anela Fruits. I like to cook, and when we decide to update our website and write a blog, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you recipes which have as ingredients some of our fruit desserts Anela Fruits. As you know, it is a puree 100% fruit and 100% natural, made with fruit from our own orchards, recommended for the whole family, without added sugars, no conservatives or additives…in short, an easy, healthy and comfortable way to eat fruit: Anela Fruits, “a spoonful of fruit”. However, we can not only use Anela Fruits as a dessert, but we can use it in different starters or main dishes. I have many recipes to share with you, so I hope you like it!
There are recipes that are easy, and others that are more complicated. Some are very economical, other aimed at little kids… These proposals wish to satisfy different consumers, and I hope you can find your favorite dish.
To start with my recipes, I thought of all the women who are mums and also work. Many times, when we eat, we only have half an hour before returning to work, pick up the kinds in the school, go to the supermarket, put a washer… So, my first recipe is an easy salad that we can prepare very quickly and it’s ready to eat in only ten minutes. On this recipe, there is a first and a second dish together with all the necessary nutrients. If you want, you can vary the ingredients and, instead of chicken, you can use turkey. I hope you like it!

Ingredients (1 person)
- 1 bag of mixed salad
- 2 fillets of chicken breast
- 6 cherry tomatoes
- 4 cuts of goat cheese
- 1 terrine of apple Anela Fruits
- Salt
- Balsamic vinegar
- Extra virgin olive oil
Preparation (10 minutes)
- We cook 2 fillets of chicken breast grilled and cut into dice shaped.

- Once the chicken is cooked, we prepare the vinaigrette. So, in a recipient we introduce the terrine of Anela Fruits, with a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of oil and mix it.

- In a bowl, we put the salad with a little salt. We add the tomatoes, cheese and diced grilled chicken.

- Finally, we add the vinaigrette apple, and we have our recipe ready to eat.

I hope you liked it! If you want, you can share our recipes through social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) where you can make your comments. You can see that our fruit desserts Anela Fruits have also many others uses… Thank you for your attention and have a nice week!