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The perfect snack for sport lovers!

The perfect snack for sport lovers!
The most part of the people who do sport are aware of the importance that having a good alimentation has, in order to take the most of their sport sessions and, also, in order to have a good condition.
Anela Fruits is a perfect snack for people who do sport: it's literally a piece of fruit! It has no preservatives, no dyes and no added sugar. It is 100% natural fruit puree, in a very practical format to eat and also with some delicious fruit combinations!

In addition, we recently launched a new format of Anela Fruits, a perfect alternative for when you cannot enjoy your Anela with spoon. We are talking about Anela Hop, our typical Anela but in a new pouche format. That means you don't need a spoon to enjoy your favourite fruit snack! Perfect for carrying in the mountains, in the gym bag for eating after training ... everywhere you can imagine!


As we love to promote a healthy lifestyle, both in nutrition and in sports, from Anela Fruits we collaborate very often with all kinds of sporting events, such as races, hiking trails, duathlons and much more!
And do you like sports and a healthy lifestyle? If yes, we hope you enjoy Anela Fruits too!